Complicated interconnected problems require simple sophisticated solutions

IA’s diversified portfolios are comprised of many of the best, most effective and important nonprofit organizations there are. 90% of your investment will be evenly distributed to all the organizations within each portfolio and 10% will be retained by Integrative Activism to fund operations. So invest today without delay in one or all of the portfolios. You’ll be glad you did! Each organization listed is linked to their website so you can easily research their efforts at your leisure.

Of course you can contribute directly to any of these organizations on your own and even create your own portfolios if you desire. But will you? It can be overwhelming. It has been for us, but we’re committed. The portfolios here are just a beginning, an initial rollout. They will be expanded and reorganized in the future with the help of good feedback. Thanks!

Special Concentrated Interests

For those who would like to concentrate on specific areas of special interests…

Global Democracy/World Parliament

A lack of democracy is a HUGE problem at the global level. Don’t let tyrants, corporate cabals and communist regimes rule the world. Build on the historic sacrifices and progress of those who fought for true freedom against all forms of tyranny.

For more info:

https://freedomhouse.org no donate, reference only
https://www.demdigest.org another freebie
Defend Democracy .eu - https://defenddemocracy.eu - good info

Women’s Liberation and Empowerment

It’s the 21st century for heaven’s sake and we need all good people to help fix this mess created by a millennia of toxic patriarchy.

Youth Package

It’s their future, encourage the conscientious leaders of tomorrow

U.S. Political

A good country is made by good people and one civil war is more than enough. Let’s end corruption and continue the fight to form a more perfect union honoring the principles, ideals and sacrifices of previous generations.